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I absolutely LOVE Fall! I love everything about it from the fashion to the colors to the weather. What I don't love is my current Spiritual Fall season. My leaves that were once attached and full of life are now changing colors and completely falling off. Those extensions of me are dying as God is stripping them away, which leaves me bare and empty.

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*Cues Moana "Know Who You Are" music* Who am I? Truth is, If I'd written this in my younger years, I would've answered that question with a simple, "nobody." Not even worth capitalizing the N in the word itself. That's how little I thought of myself. I would've told you all of the things that I was. Not who I AM. I would've listed my past mistakes and heartbreaks that I thought defined me. A past that I literally felt was my true definition and identifier. I couldn't shake it, couldn't run from it, and people wouldn't allow me to...

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